Mr. Peter Lamell

A Balancing Act: Issues and Concerns Regarding Board Diversity and Mandatory Gender Quota Legislation

In his presentation Peter Lamell will focus be on the following issues and concerns:

  • Should diversity be considered in its widest terms and not just from the viewpoint of gender diversity? Would and/or should this impact on recognition that gender diversity is a major issue?
  • Should Boards be disciplined in ensuring that they select board members against a set of criteria which cover not only the desired range of skills and competencies but also other issues such as diversity?
  • Should the focus for action on Board diversity need to be far wider than just the larger ASX listed organisations? Should it include some or all of smaller listed, private unlisted, Not for Profits, Advisory Boards and family companies?
  • Should we also be working to assure that concerns regarding diversity goes much deeper than just boards? What can we do to ensure that we are creating the diversity pools of the future? Also, what can we do to ensure that in pursuing diversity programs we do not generate outcomes in which groups within our population are polarised into specific skill sets?
  • What are the issues and concerns regarding mandatory gender quota legislation for boards of directors? If such legislation was to be implemented how could some of the downsides that have occurred elsewhere be avoided and should it be done progressively, ie start with one area of diversity first or cover a number of areas of diversity right from the start?